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  • Installation price,

  • 3 gallon $4.00, 7 gallon $7.00, 15 gallon $14.00, 25 gallon $40.00, 45 gallon 50.00



We do delivery and installation all throughout south florida.



Outdoor Structures​


We have a large variety of plants, hedges, palm trees, fruit trees, landscaping plants and much more




Choose what's best for you. There are a large variety of hedges, but they all diifer on the amount of water, how much sun they need, whether that is full sun, partial sun or a shaded area.

Most recommended hedges are ; clusia, podocarpus, coco plum, surinam cherry, seagrape, green island ficus, areca palms, 

CLUSIA: The foliage is this plant's feature characteristic - leaves are thick and leathery, shaped like fat teardrops or paddles.

Cusia is Low-maintenance and trouble-free, these plants branch out close to the ground and can get very wide.

Clusia are excellent as hedges, large accent plants, or grow them as a wall of privacy and/or shade.

Clusia salt-tolerant nature makes them ideal for a seaside home, and the unique foliage adds unique texture to a tropical garden.

Clusia Rosea is also known as "Pitch Apple."

With the biggest leaves, it's often grown as a small tree or you can grow it as a very wide shrub.

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